The Best

Safe Certified for national safety code.

Dependable Thousands installed since 2002.

Quick Up at 15 seconds per floor.

Energy Efficient Low power use going up, zero power going down.

Economical No maintenance for years.

Manufactured in Miami, FL VacuumElevators.com

Get Up Quick - Smooth Ride - Stay In Your Home

Vacuum home elevators are the best, with easy, clean installation and lowest cost. No shaft/pit/constr. Quick, smooth ride up and down. No monthly maintenance. Architectural design is at home in every decor.

Installation through ceiling or to landing in 2 to 3 days. Your choice of location. Factory-trained engineers and technicians are licensed & insured. Full parts & labor warranty. Enjoy the 360° view.

Elevator stands on ground floor. Absolute safety - car slowly goes to ground floor if house has a power outage.

Safety code certified for reliable performance. Vacuum home elevators are quick, dependable, and add to resale value. For homes, townhomes, and condos with 2-floors to 5-floors.

Elevator is tax-deductible as medical equipment. Stay in your home.

VACUUM Elevators Are Our ONLY Business.