Features & Benefits

Safest: During a power outage the car slowly lowers to the ground floor.

Dependable: Proven technology - thousands installed since 2002.

Fast: Up at 40 feet per minute - 15 seconds per floor - CA maximum.

Energy Efficient: Zero energy use going down, low power use going up.

Economical: No monthly maintenance required.

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Owned by Len Krane and Rob Waldman

Love Going Upstairs Again

Vacuum home elevators are elegant, with lower cost and easy, clean installation. No monthly maintenance. Vacuum elevators are ideal for existing homes and new homes. The elevator stands on any ground floor surface. Quick, smooth ride up and down. Architectural design is "at home" in every decor.

Turn-key installation to landing or through ceiling in 2 to 3 days. Your choice of location. All factory-trained engineers and technicians are licensed & insured. Full parts & labor warranty. Enjoy the 360° view.

A folding seat and key lock are features of these dependable home elevators. You can select a different color for each floor. Absolute safety - car slowly goes to the ground floor if house has a power outage.

Certified for reliable performance - conforms with national vacuum elevator safety code. Tax deductible with note from doctor.

Experience The Smooth Ride

The control unit on top creates a vacuum above the car. The air below lifts the car up. Going down, slow release of the vacuum lowers the car to a smooth stop. Absolute safety.

30–Second Video

Enjoy the 21st Century Vacuum Elevator
Made by PVE in Miami, FL since 2002.