The Best

Safest During a power outage the car slowly lowers to the ground floor.

Dependable Proven technology - thousands installed since 2002.

Fast Up at 35 feet per minute - 15 seconds per floor - CA maximum.

Energy Efficient Zero energy use going down, low power use going up.

Economical No monthly maintenance required.

Made in Miami, FL

NewVac Lift LLC
Management - Len Krane and Rob Waldman

Get Up Quick - Smooth Ride

Vacuum home elevators are the best, with easy, clean installation and lowest cost. No shaft/pit/constr. No monthly maintenance. Quick, smooth ride up and down. Architectural design is at home in every decor.

Installation to landing or through floor in 2 to 3 days. Your choice of location. All factory-trained engineers and technicians are licensed & insured. Full parts & labor warranty. Enjoy the 360° view.

A folding seat and key lock are features of these dependable home elevators. Elevator stands on ground floor. Absolute safety - car slowly goes to the ground floor if house has a power outage.

Two-person 37" vacuum elevator, from $34K installed, is transport wheelchair accessible. Three-person 52" vacuum elevator, from $45K installed, is fully wheelchair accessible.

Certified for reliable performance by vacuum elevator safety code. A vacuum home elevator is quicker, safer, and adds more home value than a stair lift.

Elevator is tax deductible. Financing is available - see LightStream.com

Vacuum Tech

The control unit on top creates a vacuum above the car - this lifts the car up. Going down, slow release of the vacuum lowers the car to a smooth stop. Absolute safety.

30–Second Video

VACUUM Elevators Are Our ONLY Business.