NewVac is a family-owned business in Los Angeles. We specialize in one product: PVE vacuum elevators for your home. We have all been trained in vacuum elevator installation, operation, and servicing at the PVE factory in Miami, FL. Home owners throughout the entire L.A. Metro area / Southern California have relied on our vacuum elevator expertise for seven years. Len Krane and Rob Waldman are committed to total customer satisfaction.

Professional Managers

Len Krane, Owner – Showroom & Administration

Len Krane - NewVac Lift

Active in residential development for 35 years. He has constructed buildings with 4-stop and 6-stop elevators. Now “retired”, Len manages NewVac showroom demos/in-home appointments, shipping logistics, and company finances. He will answer all of your questions during your vacuum elevator experience at our showrooms.

RD Waldman Construction, Inc., Owner – Sales & Installation

Rob Waldman - NewVac Lift

Rob Waldman is the owner of RD Waldman Construction, Inc., general contractor in custom residential construction for over 22 years. He builds custom homes and remodels homes. Rob manages NewVac customer proposals and sales contracts, PVE factory orders, and elevator installations.  He will coordinate preparing your home for elevator delivery and installation. 

Factory-Trained Foreman & Installation Crew

NewVac’s elevator foreman manages the installation process. From elevator delivery, to supervising the factory-trained installation crew, to final testing and cleaning, to explaining operation of your new vacuum elevator to you. NewVac’s factory-trained foreman will ensure dependable elevator operation.